Funny 55 and Older Sayings

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You know you are over 50 when… – the book is full of classic and funny sayings for those reaching the age of 50, which for most, is not quite retirement age, but the age where per-retirement sayings are funny. Comes with one-liners and funny charts.


You Know You're Fifty When
Richard Smith's wildly popular books have made America laugh about everything from wedding-night jitters to weight loss. Now he turns his comic talent to a subject he's about to experience himself: climbing the half-century hill.

Over the next 15 years, 45 million baby boomers will celebrate their 50th birthdays. With Smith as their guide, the Boomers will know exactly what lies ahead. Not only does turning 50 mean you survived your 40s, but you get to join the AARP, answer your front door in bedroom slippers, and spend your kid's inheritance on liposuction. You also know you're 50 when...



Funny Retirement Car Sticker

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Senior Sayings and Funny Wisdom

Most commonly found on the nightstand or in the bathroom, is this little treasure of a book with favorite quotes from the wise and the humorous, uplifting stories and reflections, and prayers to guide those who are getting older (ahem...that would be Everyone!). It's a gift not to take one's self TOO seriously...and this is the perfect gift to give that lift.


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Senior Sayings


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